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Benefits of Modular Control Panels

Modular enclosures are designed to be easily reconfigured and expanded when the customer needs it, without the hassle and cost of having to purchase an entirely new enclosure.

North American Electric (NAE) designs and builds Modular Control Panels using Saginaw and Rittal Enclosures. Modular enclosures are unique because they ship to us in pieces and we assemble the enclosure that was designed for our Distributor.

In the photos below you can see some modular and unibody enclosures.

Unibody Enclosure
The edges are where one piece of metal is bent, rather than separate pieces being connected.

Modular Enclosures
The modular enclosure has separate components that are designed to be put together to create the complete enclosure.

Modular enclosures are a great option for customers who need flexibility with their control panels. Below are some of the benefits.

5 benefits of using Modular Control Panels

Photo via Rittal(1)

    1. Ability to expand or add onto a panel.
    2. It can be easier and safer to add parts or to compartmentalize components within a Modular Control Panel.
    3. Ability to combine control panels and tailor the control panel to fit physical space needs.
    4. Ability to ship larger Control Panels separated into modular panel pieces.
    5. Modular Control Panels can be easily repaired in most cases.

Modular control panels are commonly built for indoor industrial applications by end-users who need flexibility and/or have limited space.

When space is at a premium, the symmetrical profile and configuration flexibility helps to overcome the challenges of adding additional panels to a facility that is at, or close to, capacity. Since modular enclosures allow baying on all sides, this design allows for easy access to anywhere inside the panel and enables customers to configure their control panels to fit their unique spaces(2). A modular control panel can also be easily compartmentalized for various needs including, but not limited to, multiple power feeds or dual cooling methods.

Since modular panels have removable sides, people often think that means they are not as durable as unibody panels, but that is not the case(3). In fact, most modular panels meet NEMA 12 standards and comply with UL 508a requirements(4). The high performance and strength of Modular enclosures stems from their unique design that transfers the load of the panel to the frame, rather than the enclosure walls themselves(3).

Next time you’re looking for a solution for your customer’s application needs, consider a custom modular control panel! There are many key advantages to these panels and they can be a great alternative to unibody designs that give your customers the freedom to design very basic to very complex panel designs.

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