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ATL Panels Price Increase - Effective September 15, 2023

NAE's new motor control catalog is finally here.

Our team has been working hard to bring you one of the best Motor Control Catalogs in the industry, and we are excited to finally announce its release. NAE strives to pair excellence with ease of use in all we do, and this catalog is no exception. The catalog has been designed to be your one-stop-shop for your control panel needs, making it one of the most extensive motor control catalogs in the market.

The catalog is organized by types of panels and chassis’s, then segmented into the drives and packages available. Distributors have numerous lines of ready to order panel packages to choose from. These include ATLs, Soft Starters, Part-Wind starters, VFDs and chassis, along with additional package options.

Every single feature and specification we offer is laid out in the catalog for easy review and ordering. We have even included a Model Number Assembler to help you find the panel package you need.

Similar to NAE’s Motor Catalog, we have made several user-friendly changes that make it easy to find what you are looking for, fast.

Catalog highlights:

  • An expanded offering of pre-engineered panels
  • Tables are arranged by hp and amp for quicker selection
  • Model numbers index for quick reference
  • A book bound catalog for easier storage

NAE created a catalog that streamlines selecting and ordering motor controls for our distributors. When you pair this new catalog with our e-commerce website, you’ll fully experience how easy it can be to find, select and order your control panels.

Click below to view NAE’s new Motor Control Catalog.

View NAE's Motor Controls Catalog

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